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UNIFLOW-100 Flow Computer

The UNIFLOW-100 is a flow computer (signal processing unit and display) of flow measuring circuits (FMC). The UNIFLOW-100 can be used to measure different gases, liquids, water steam flow in closed pipelines under pressure. The flow computer is capable to measure volume flow, mass flow, energy flow and to calculate energy balances. Manufacturer of the UNIFLOW-100: Process Control Ltd.

Flow measuring systems are widely used in energy, oil, chemical, food processing and machine industries.

The unit is the third generation of flow computers developed by the Process Control Ltd. In our design we took into account the demand to handle multiple measuring loops at the same time. Also sometimes there are no compensation signals (pressure, temperature ) for the different loops, i.e. the same signal must be used in multiple channels.

The main feature of our new flow computer family is that the UNIFLOW-100 can handle up to 8 flow measuring circuits. Above the 8 physical FMCs 4 virtual FMCs can be defined for calculating volume end energy balances. This is an extremely unique feature of the UNIFLOW-100 which can result in rugged measuring systems and the user can save considerable cost comparing the solutions with using traditional single loop flow computers.

With the facts mentioned above a complete measuring system can be achieved applying the UNIFLOW 100 on a low level of investment cost. This is especially true in case of multiple measuring loops.

Why the UNIFLOW-100 is the best choose? Bellow is a list of advantages using the UNIFLOW as compared with ordinary systems:

Single unit can measure 8 volumes at the same time
4 additional virtual FMCs can be defined for calculating volume and energy balances
No program change needed for the different mediums and sensors. The same unit can measure different mediums of flowing materials (natural and other gases, steam, hot water, liquids etc.) applying different measuring methods (orifice plates, measuring turbines, vortex, rotametric, induction, ultrasonic, nozzle, Ventury meter and insertion probes such as accutube, itabor, annubar)
The applied calculations meet the requirements of the existing International and Hungarian standards (MSZ EN ISO 5167, ISO 12213, AGA Rep. 8, GERG etc.).
Less transducer required if signals are used in more than one FMC.
Direct PT100 RTD input eliminates the use of temperature transducers.
The transducers can be supplied directly from the UNIFLOW-100 (24V DC, up to 200mA).
Provides limit checking and control functions.
Investment cost/FMC is less then using individual flow computers.
Parameters can be entered or changed using the operator panel or serial interface.
2 RS 232 or RS 485/422 type serial ports and the MODBUS protocol give the possibility to integrate the UNIFLOW-100 flow computers into high or low level of process control and/or infofmation systems.
Universal Communication Module (UKM) provides 10BaseT Ethernet interface, Internet or Intranet access, GS&SMS services and protocol converter functions.
Intelligent transmitters having DE protocol (i.e. Honeywell) can be directly connected to the UNIFLOW-100
Historical data storage for 36 days.
Warranty for 3 years.
A data logging and process visualisation SW is avaliable developed for up to 64 FMCs. All the typical measuring, data logging, visualisation and archiving functions are implemented. Network allows to access data and realise multiple operator stations. Using modem telemetry and remote diagnostic functions are available.
The standard program can be easily extended with user defined operator panels or special functions related to the given technology.

References: More than 1000 devices working in Hungary and in other countries
Using the UNIFLOW-100 and the programs supporting the UNIFLOW-100 can result in high level of integration of the flow measurement system

The Flow-Cont Ltd. gives the user not only the device, but technical support for realisation of the measuring system and integration the devices into process information and control system.

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